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My School is an essential web-based school management system with an influential impact on schools’ performance. It is a deliberate and comprehensive user-friendly system that offers numerous features to students, parents, teachers, and school management. It presents a well organized and effective collaboration tool between all parties.
Only AED 11,022
Realty NET
Realty NET is a multilanguage powerful Web-based real estate software package. Affordable, highly scalable and customizable, it is a perfect solution for independent realtors, real estate agencies, and online property lease, rent or sale marketplaces. With Realty NET, you can create your own real estate website from scratch.
Only AED 39,680
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Connect NET. Facebook PHP Script
PHP Social Network Script, Create and cultivate your own custom social network. Built from the ground up for social, "Connect NET" is the only hosted platform that gives you everything you need to create your own social network website and build it into a thriving community.
Only AED 44,089
Mobile Realty
Emanage is proud to offer mobile frontend addon for our Real Estate Software. The mobile version of your website will present all the data of the regular website in the format optimized for iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry or other mobile devices.
Only AED 18,371
Realty New Homes
Real Estate Sales Management - This web based new homes sales management tool will help you more effectivly move the homes in your community to contract. Track all your leads and prospects to ensure the highest closing ratio. Measure your marketing efforts to create the highest levels of traffic.
Only AED 13,227
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Realty MLS
Real estate search engine. Search MLS listings, gain insights with our tools and calculators and get expert advice on buying, selling and renting your next home on MLSEG.
Only AED 551,115
Cart++ is an eCommerce / Shopping Cart software solution written in the PHP programming language and using a MySQL database backend to store data ready to work right out of the box. This allows you to quickly create a successful online store.
Only AED 58,786
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Car Portal
Car Portal is a powerful, professional looking and easy customizable php script for running auto classieds websites. With it, you may have your own customized and professional looking auto portal providing rich functionality to the users. It's template based and can be used with various templates and could be easily customized with your colors, logo etc. You may find on this website different demos and information and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.
Only AED 18,371
The emEncoder PHP Encoder makes it easy to protect your any version of PHP source code from easy observation, theft and change. Plus, with PHP licensing features built into the Pro and Cerberus editions, licensing PHP scripts to control where your code runs is easy too, and you can even give your files a time expiry, you can also copy the none php files to get a complete encoded project in one folder.
Only AED 367
MAGAZINE allows you to write articles on your website. It features a WYSIWYG editor which makes writing an article easy and it supports search engine friendly URLs.
Only AED 14,696
E++ is an amazing text editor which not just gives you option to edit and save your text files, but also gives lot many features which can help you in doing magic. It features tabbed document interface, drag-and-drop, clipboard history, supports text encoding formats such as Unicode, for international writing systems, find and replace over multiple documents, remove blank lines, save desktop sessions to later reopen all session files, templates, syntax highlighting and syntax folding, user-defined highlighters for exotic environments, matching bracket highlighting, save file online, and bookmarks. Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin.
URL Shortener
Emanage URL Shortener at w75.net is used by Emanage products to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends.
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E++ Editor E++ by Emanage
editor E++ - freeware HTML editor, PHP editor, JavaScript, ASP, HEX editor. Based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, E++ is written in VB.NET. Download E++
Web Design Emanage CMS helps experienced web developers and designers to create sites of power and beauty in a fraction of the normal time,avoiding hours of coding and allowing your clients to update their own sites with a minimum of fuss.Requirements:PHP/MYSQL. Download Emanage CMS
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