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Web Design Service
What Can We Do For You?
Emanage specialises in providing individually tailored web site solutions for small to medium sized businesses and organisations. We work with you to produce the design and functionality that you really want. In addition to producing "static" web sites we can also create "dynamic" sites where you can update the content yourself, whenever you like - particularly useful where your product range is constantly changing or you want to add new articles or information for your customers. We can also design and build fully functioning e-commerce sites. By linking to recognised online payment systems (such as PayPal) you can have a site which allows you customers to order and pay for your goods and services at the click of a mouse.
How We Do It
In order to provide Emanage solutions, our whole web design process is driven by a client centered philosophy.
First Steps
  • Client completes a project questionnaire or simply contact us for an initial discussion of their web requirements.
  • Emanage will submit a guaranteed quotation, detailing the work required, for client approval.
Building Phase
  • Emanage will build the site and copy it to their Test web area.
  • The completed site will be copied to our client testing area where a client can check what their web site looks like and how it behaves.
  • Usually a client will then ask for some changes (because you often have to use a site in order to decide just what you really want).
  • Emanage will then modify the site and obtain client approval.

Go Live
  • Once accepted, the site is copied to the pre-arranged web address and given a final testing.
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editor E++ - freeware HTML editor, PHP editor, JavaScript, ASP, HEX editor. Based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, E++ is written in VB.NET. Download E++
Web Design Emanage CMS helps experienced web developers and designers to create sites of power and beauty in a fraction of the normal time,avoiding hours of coding and allowing your clients to update their own sites with a minimum of fuss.Requirements:PHP/MYSQL. Download Emanage CMS
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