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Product overview

My School

A web based English Arabic solution

For school management system

My School is an essential web-based school management system with an influential impact on schools’ performance. It is a deliberate and comprehensive user-friendly system that offers numerous features to students, parents, teachers, and school management. It presents a well organized and effective collaboration tool between all parties.

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Main Features
- Supporting Arabic and English languages.
- Flexible and customizable system to meet any educational system requirements.
- A wide range of access levels for administrator, principal, student, parents, teacher, supervisor, accountant and admission.
- Ability to insert home work, lessons as text, images and attachment files as well.
- A built-in HR module to manage the employee’s time sheet, vacations, absence, etc.
- A built-in accounting module to manage the student and staff financial affairs.
- Employee timing system similar to punch clock system and connected to the payroll system.
- Customizable privileges for each access level and exactly as required.
- Adjustable school calendar during the year, the student and staff attendance/absence are connected to calendar.
- Ability to send emails and SMS to one member or to a group of members by one click.
- Three different menus to view program commands, horizontal menu, vertical menu and box menu.
- Template system to enable the customer to change the web design easily.
- Ability to change the menu icons and titles from administrator control panel to suit your private expressions.
- Ability to show or hide the table fields and to change the field names without affecting the database.
- A Built in moveable help window for each page.
- Importing and exporting data to excel files.
- Content management system for news articles ads honor board activities and slide show.
- Ability to show, hide and move any part of visitor interface contents.
- Internal memo system to the Message board.

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Live Demo

Welcome to the My School demo page.

Please be aware that our demo database is refreshed automatically every hour on the hour.

In order to view a working demo (some back-end functionality is disabled for security purposes) of the MySchool scritp, please follow the links below:

Front End:


Back End Admin Interface:

Username: admin
Password: 123456

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The script installation requires the following:
A web server or web hosting account running on any major operating system using Apache 2.0.30 or better (on Linux, Unix, Windows) with AcceptPathInfo enabled and Zend Optimizer version 2.1.0
Your web server must have PHP 5 with GD and, mod rewrite enabled.
Your web server must have MySQL 4.1.2 or better.

Most web hosts (in more than 99% of cases) support these requirements. However if your web host does not have the requirements, ask them to download and install the latest versions of PHP from http://www.php.net and MySQL from http://www.mysql.org. You can download Zend Optimizer from http://www.zend.com. They are free.

When uploading the files to your server do not forget to set BINARY mode instead of ASCII in your FTP client.

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