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Realty NET

Product overview

Realty NET is a complete software solution that will save your money, time and effort. And most importantly, it will boost your online real estate business and guarantee its success!

Realty NET is a powerful combination of the most desired features and easy-to-use interface for property management tasks. This professional real estate system allows you to automate and simplify the realty business process.

With this solution you’ll be able to transform your business into a more efficient, productive and prosperous e-business enterprise.

Realty NET is a complete realty listing management solution software. It is easily customized to reflect your creativity whether you are starting from scratch or integrating into an existing web site. Realty NET can be used to promote residential and commercial rentals, an independent agent site, or the listings section of your brokerage and/or real estate agency web site.

Realty NET software is rich in features. It is a distinctive online property management program offering real-time property listing/management (FSBO, rentals, sales) on the Internet. Realty NET is a highly customizable and easily administered by the novice and the more advanced web builder. Your online internet Real Estate venture is now within your grasp whether you are a novice or expert webmaster..

Real estate agents, developers, builders and owners can take advantage of the Realty NET to develop their business on the Internet without knowing any computer programming.

Realty NET has many options that are specialized and unique to the Real Estate industry. This program was built specifically for marketing real estate.

You can list your property type for residential and commercial sales and rentals. Property types include houses, cabins, commercial buildings, resorts, lodges, getaways, holiday homes, hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts and apartments but with Realty NET the options are unlimited.

Create and manage a website for a realtor, a real estate agency, "for sale by owner" or any combination of them.

Software Plugins & Services:

BASIC 30000 L.E (Include Custom Design) -
SEO 11200 L.E
RSS 1000 L.E
PropertyFinder Feed 2500 L.E
MLS FEED 3000 USD / Year
IP Deny Manager 1000 L.E
XML Mapping 8000 L.E
Google Map Plugin 8000 L.E
Cache System 6000 L.E
Parked Search Domains 6200 L.E
Disktop Soluation 13450 L,E
CRM 50000 L.E
ER + HR 40000 L.E
Annual Upgrades 1000 USD
Responsive Web Design 2500 USD
Create Custom XML FEED 3000 L.E
Daily Work 600 L.E (6-8 Hours)
Visit 100 USD (2-4 Hours)
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General features:

  • Powerful administration of your website. Featuring a powerful admin panel that allows you to administer your website from any browser, any where in the world.
  • Keyword property search
  • Printer friendly version generated for every web page
  • The generated pages are Optimized for Search Engines (SEO is already implemented) combining state of the art techniques for a high ranking in Google, or Yahoo, search listings. As proof, you can observe the dynamic, generated keywords included in pages links and page titles, or the valid XHTML code generated
  • Create Site Map Automatically.
  • Optimized code for fast downloading and clearer display even on older browsers, Palms, or cell phones.
  • Property accessing statistics
  • Multi-Language Capabilities: any language possible! (The website texts can be easily translated by the admin in any desired language)
  • 100% Brandable
  • Clean graphics
  • Works with any Country / Location / Area
  • [ optional ] editable footer and removal of Emanage logo
  • Last added property list can be inserted in your pages
  • The properties list can now be sorted by different fields, "ascending" and also "descending"
  • The search engine has been optimized
  • multi-user acces (multiple agents) each user will be able to manage only his properties
  • template based design, there are three templates you can choose and customize (and more coming)
  • contact form with security image (anti-spam)

    Listings Editor:
  • Admin can now manage property categories. No other competitor's script has this feature ex: add new category, modify or delete category, change the hierarchical structure, etc. You can group your properties as you wish e.g. houses, land, apartments, buildings. The apartments category can even be split e.g. one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, etc. You create your own categories.
  • The admin defines the fields that are important when defining the properties. Change the name and data type of any existing field and add additional custom fields. The fields that are generally added are: Address, MLS #, City, State, Price, Full Description, BedroomsNo, Bathrooms, Stories, Square Feet, Lot Size , Age of Home, Fireplaces, Near School, Near Transit, Ocean View, Lake View, Mountain View, Oceanfront, Lakefront, Riverfront, Map link, etc.
  • Admin chooses which details to display in the property listing tables.
  • Unlimited Property Listing. Admin can easily manage the properties by filling in the description and setting the values for the fields he has defined. Properties can be listed with thumbnail photographs, location, price, map links, or whatever the admin wants. This allows visitors to quickly browse through the search list and then move on to the properties they are interested in.
  • Unlimited number of images for each property

    Public Listing Features:
  • SEO friendly listing
  • Ascending / descending listing tables Sort Order
  • Show results sorted by any field. (i.e.. year)
  • Automatic thumbnailing for images
  • Mapping of Property possible (using maps.google.com for example)
  • List of last 20 added properties (from 1 to total number of listings, it's your choice)
  • Sponsored properties list
  • Contact form with security image (anti-spam)

    Homepage Editor:
  • Admin can easily change the layout (no coding needed). You can customize the graphics with your logo, your slogan, your favorite colors, or your favorite images.
  • Admin can manage web pages and their content (CMS
  • Customer Management System). The admin can define new pages, modify or delete the existing ones, or change the page content using Word like text editor.
  • The admin could also add these kind of pages: "Last added properties" page, "Special Featured Properties" page, "Contact" page, "About Us" page, "Team Presentation" page, "News" page, or whatever other pages you might need.
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    Live Demo

    Welcome to the Realty Net demo page.

    Please be aware that our demo database is refreshed automatically every hour on the hour.

    In order to view a working demo (some back-end functionality is disabled for security purposes) of the Realty NET-based website, please follow the links below:

    Front End:

    Back End Admin Interface:
    UserName: demo Password: demo

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    The script installation requires the following:

  • A web server or web hosting account running on any major operating system using Apache 2.0.30 or better (on Linux, Unix, Windows) with AcceptPathInfo enabled and Zend Optimizer version 2.1.0
  • Your web server must have PHP 5 with GD and, mod rewrite enabled.
  • Your web server must have MySQL 4.1.2 or better.

    Most web hosts (in more than 99% of cases) support these requirements. However if your web host does not have the requirements, ask them to download and install the latest versions of PHP from http://www.php.net and MySQL from http://www.mysql.org. You can download Zend Optimizer from http://www.zend.com. They are free.

    When uploading the files to your server do not forget to set BINARY mode instead of ASCII in your FTP client.
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